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True Terpenes

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Terpenes are what you smell and taste in organic items, such as plants.  Secreted in glands within the plant, terpenes are the pungent oils that color each variety with distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine.  These products are available in two sizes and many flavors.  You will receive a small bottle of terpene oil along with a dropper for usage. (These oils contain NO CBD)

Product Size Details: Available in 1 mL-$10 or

2 mL-$15 sizes

Available Flavors:

AC/DC– (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Earth, wood, pine, lemongrass, cherry     Effect: Euphoric, focused, sociable, ideal for anxiety and pain management

ATF– (Sativa-dominate strain)     Fragrance: Strong scents of pine, lemon, menthol; spicy, sweet    Effect: Strong enhancement of appetite, uplifting, creative, arousing, soaring cerebral feeling

Dogwalker OG: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Earth, wood, pine, spicy, fuel     Effect: May provide relief from pain, promote appetite, stabilize mood disorders, reduce muscle spasms and lower stress levels, calming, focus

Durban Poison: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Sweet, sour, earth, pine, citrus     Effect: May increase productivity, provides relief from stress, depression, fatigue, pain, nausea

Girl Scout Cookies: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Floral, earth, spicy, sweet, pine     Effect: Joyful, euphoric, creative, strong pain relief, may help with appetite loss, depression, insomnia and stress

Grandaddy Purple: (Indica)     Fragrance: Floral, earth, menthol, sweet     Effect: Relaxed, tired, hungry, may help relieve pain, insomnia, appetite loss, depression and muscle spasms

Green Crack: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Citrus, earth, sweet     Effect: Energy, focus, creativity, uplifting, may be a good choice for those seeking relief from stress, depression, fatigue and pain

Headband: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Sweet, earth, fuel     Effect: Uplifting, creative and relaxing

Indica Blend: (Indica)     Fragrance: Sweet, wood, earth     Effect: Sedation, relaxed and blissful

Pineapple Express: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Sweet, tropical, cedar, citrus     Effect: Uplifting, euphoric, energy, uplifting, may provide relief from depression, fatigue, appetite loss, pain and stress

Sativa Blend: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Sweet, wood, earth     Effect: Sedation, relaxed and blissful

Sunset Sherbet: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Sour, citrus, menthol     Effect: Heavy, euphoric, creative, carefree, physical relaxation

Super Lemon Haze: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Lemon, citrus     Effect: Happy, energetic, uplifting, creative, soaring, may help with relief from depression, fatigue, stress, pain and nausea.  Not recommended for individuals who tend toward anxiety already

Super Sour Diesel: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Pungent, earth, diesel     Effects: Serene, focused, creative, vitalized, joyful, may help with stress relief

Tahoe OG: (Indica)     Fragrance: Earth, pine, citrus     Effect: Calm, sleepy, light-hearted, exhilarated, may provide a sedative-type pain relief

Trainwreck: (Sativa)     Fragrance: Earth, floral, pine     Effect: Happy, relaxed, inspired, rush of adrenaline, may help with relief from anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, headaches, pain, arthritis, insomnia and depression

XJ-13: (Hybrid)     Fragrance: Citrus, pine, earth     Effect: Cheerful, euphoric, energized, clear-headed

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