Hemp Caviar Pre Rolls- CBD Smokables (THC FREE)

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Our Hemp Caviar Pre Rolls are crafted individually with premium organic hemp dipped in oil. Each box contains 4 Lab Tested Pre Rolls. Rolled in isolated! No THC.

$15 each or $60 for four

Available in the following varieties:

Pineapple Express-(Sativa) Uplifting, euphoric, energy, may provide relief from depression, fatigue, appetite loss, pain and stress

Grandaddy Purple-(Indica) Relaxing, tired-inducing, may help stimulate appitite.  May help relieve pain, insomnia, appetite loss, depression and muscle spasms

Sunset Sherbet-(Hybrid) Heavy, euphoric, creative, carefree, physical relaxation

Gelato-(Hybrid) Blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie, relaxing, eurphoric

Hardcore OG-(Hybrid) mood elevating, energizing, may help relieve stress and ease minor pain